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Prices / Shipping / Registrations

 Purchasing your new puppy. There is a lot that goes into purchasing a puppy and we will cover just a bit of that in this section. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

First and foremost …… I always tell people if you do not feel like paying or cannot afford our prices for our puppies you do not have to buy from us. There are several other breeders out there with puppies at cheaper prices and I am always happy to refer out to other breeders…… however keep in mind you will usually be getting cheaper quality and possibly genetically unhealthy pups in the long term. We do not cut corners nor do we just produce puppies for a quick buck. We charge what our puppies are worth and what time, money and effort we have put into them. We do not just give these babies away. Puppies are expensive and lots of time and thought should be put into them before purchasing. Our babies are some of the nicest anywhere and we have over 20 years to back that. We have puppies all over the U.S. as well as Africa, Canada, Hawaii and British Columbia. Our Samoyeds speak for themselves. We have had several return customers over the years and produce some of the best looking as well as great tempered Samoyeds you will find.  Our Samoyeds are eye checked and sires hip checked as well, all have great health and temperaments behind them. We are careful and very selective in the pairings and dogs we have in our pack. Only the best tempered and healthy will be paired up to produce the best offspring possible. We spend countless dollars, hours and resources on our dogs and it shows in the dogs and puppies we produce. Remember we had to purchase, vaccinate, feed, water, house and keep your puppies parents alive and well until they could have your puppy. Then we do our health checks to make sure they are passing on sound health to the babies.. then of course we have to do the same for the costs quiet a bit to feed, vaccinate, house and maintain the puppies if done right. Just like kids, puppies are lifetime commitments and are not cheap!


 PET PRICES WITH FULL/LIMITED  UKC/CKC/NAPR PAPERS?                                                                     

This option is only done on very rare occasions.

Puppy prices on average run $1,000-$1,400 with papers for NAPR=$1,000, CKC=$1,250 and UKC=$1,400. This gives you the option to register the puppy and have a certified pedigree to look at and show to other people the linage of your dog. (This option is available but papers will only be furnished upon EITHER receipt of spay and neuter and a phone call with your vet to verify pet. OR if breeding /showing papers will be furnished upon health clearness and contract obligations met. This will all be in the contract. What comes with puppy……

The Puppy

Shot Record

Copies of Dams and Sires health records

Copy of the puppy’s pedigree

Lots of info on training and other info on the Samoyed

Lifetime breeder support (you and your family now become part of ours)

Limited/Full (non breeding/showing Registration papers one of the following.. UKC,CKC,NAPR)

Breeding /Full papers of the above registries upon requirements fulfilled.


Prices vary from $300 (for a 10 week old pup) and up (as much as $600 usually for a 6 month old to adult dog) depending on the size of puppy/adult and the location. This is for flight only not ground shipping. We are located in NY

Shipping can be done by air we use only the airlines that have temperature control and have shipped puppies for years. This is quicker than any type of shipment which leaves less time for contamination or catching a diseases  from some other type of animal and also less time away from owner or breeder.

We always encourage our families to meet and visit us in person or we can arrange to make a home visit but that will be at buyers cost for gasoline and overnight stay if needed. Buyer is also welcome to make their own arrangement for shipping but will have to sign a contract that releases us from liability once puppy leaves our premises as we cannot account for what may happen on the road.

We can arrange for air shipment(But we ship 5days after we have received payment) but any other shipment such as ground is up to you to figure out and pay in advance for but we can give you shippers phone numbers or contact info. We will not ground ship a pup under 10 weeks of age. We ship to the nearest Airport to you location