Hey Mary, Oh wow, is she just amazing, as soon as I picked her up she was spunky, and seemed to be her normal self, even after the long flight, I already love her, and I’m cuddling with her right now as a matter of fact as shes chewing on a bone. She’s just a […]


Hi Mary, Just to update you…She arrived safe and is doing very well, I named her Myah and i just attached a picture of her and my son She is such a beautiful dog and my son is having so much fun everyday with her. But I wanted to let you know I today I […]

Judith and Frank

Hello Mary Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance,we decided to send you a picture of John and the family he is has been a great addition to our family and he has been so friendly to our maltese and our daughter Judith and Frank 2017


I finally received and she is perfectly awesome,i am so happy your puppy nanny waited for me at the airport for 3hours,i was cut up with traffic Regina will be my first love and i will love her forver thank you very much for giving me this great oportunity am so grateful Audrey 2018


Hi Mary & Ray, Balto will be having his first sled pulling lesson this Saturday! We have sled dog races up here which I have been helping out at and a very experienced lady is going to hook him up with a couple of her older dogs. He is just doing awesome in every way. […]


Hello Mary I took the puppy to the vet for check up and she is in perfect health I am so happy i finally received my little princess,at first i was scared of sending because i thought the flight process was gonna stress her,but right now my heart is healed thank you very much for […]


Hello there Mary; Sorry it took so long to send you some updates but been busy. Serenity is growing everyday.